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by Jeanny Clark on June 25, 2022

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Music lovers worldwide come together to celebrate Global Beatles Day on June 25. The occasion pays tribute to The Beatles and the impact they had on both music history and pop culture. Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison first recorded together as a foursome in 1962 — after producer George Martin fired original drummer Pete Best. The band’s work throughout the decade remains unparalleled in pop music.Global Beatles day

The Beatles were a rock band that formed in 1960. After the original drummer Pete Best was fired, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr went on to be known as the “Fab Four”. The initial beginnings of the band were actually happening in 1957, but they went through a few name changes before settling on The Beatles in 1960.

A bunch of smash hits later they were performing All You Need Is Love to 400 million people via the first global live TV link, with the broadcast reaching 26 different countries simultaneously. This huge moment in pop culture history took place on June 25, 1967, and is the reason why Global Beatles Day is celebrated on June 25 every year.

Global Beatles Day was founded in 2009, and we use it to celebrate not only their music but also their message of peace and love.


1. Listen to The Beatles’ classics
People loved The Beatles because their music was catchy and unique. On Global Beatles Day the best way to celebrate is to listen to some of their many classic tracks. Our tip is to put on the White Album and put your feet up.
2. Spread love and positivity
The Beatles love and positivity, get out there and spread some of your own in their honor.
3. Watch a film
Get together with your best buds and check out one of The Beatles films such as ‘A Hard Day’s Night!’ or ‘Help!’.


1. A Beatles Day already exists
They are so good they get two days in their honor. Beatles Day is observed every year on July 10 in Liverpool, the UK city where the band is from.
2. It’s popular in the UK
On Global Beatles Day, money raised goes to local Liverpool charitable causes.
3. Started from the bottom
Like most musical artists, The Beatles started out their career playing in cheap clubs around their hometown, Liverpool.
4. Band name change
The Beatles were the Beatals then the Silver Beetles before finally becoming The Beatles.
5. America loved the Beatles
The Beatles had 20 singles that topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

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