Fresh Juice Blender™ Anatomy 

Anatomy of the best blender


Make whatever you crave, wherever you are. Here’s how:

🧽 Clean the blender cup and the blades on the main unit with detergent, and dry it thoroughly. Do not soak in water.

🪫 Charge your Fresh Juice Blender™ with the included Wireless base extension for about 1 hour or until the charging light shows a solid blue circle.

🔛 Ensure the arrows on the front of the jar and base are closely aligned. 

    align the cup and the base to turn it on


    This product is equipped with double safety protection. If the host is placed alone or the blender cup is not installed in place, the product will not start even if the host is turned on. 

    • Now you can add the liquid, then throw in your solids. Leave a little room at the top.

    • Double-click the power button to blend for one 30-seconds cycle. Repeat as needed for thicker blends.

    🥤Enjoy your blended creation 🤩


    Using the included USB Wireless charging station, you can charge your Fresh Juice Blender™ with no cables, no mess, no fuss just slide over the magnets.


    Wireless magnetic charger
    Your  Fresh Juice Blender™ take about 1 hour to fully charge, and lasts for 15+ blends.
    ⚠️ The power button on the base will flash red 🔴 in two situations
    • If the blender needs to be re-charged
    • If the blades were jammed while operating.


    Always clean your Fresh Juice Blender™ after usage preventing food from drying and sticking to the blades. Your Fresh Juice Blender™ is waterproof, so it’s okay if the base gets wet, but never submerge your Fresh Juice Blender™ entirely under water. The jar and lid can be added to the dishwasher. Gently pat the Fresh Juice Blender™ to dry it, or simply let air dry.

    basic cleaning


    Fill the jar about 2/3 full with warm (not hot) water, add a drop of dish soap and blend for one full cycle until your Fresh Juice Blender™ automatically stops. Pour out liquid and rinse with clean water.

     Self-Cleaning function


    It does not start?
    ‼️ Base and cup are not aligned.
    ✅ Make sure the base and the cup are aligned and tightened.

    Cannot boot, red light flashes quickly?
    ‼️ Low or out of battery.
    ✅ Please recharge the blender.

    Automatic shutdown during usage?
    ‼️ Excessive load detected.
    ✅ Please ensure maximum capacity were not reached.

    Flashing during usage?
    ‼️ Too large solids detected.
    ✅ Please cut the solids in smaller pieces.

    Liquid is leaking?
    ‼️ Silicone ring is not installed or out of place.
    ✅ Please make sure the silicone ring is properly fitted.
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